About Us

Salty Bow Company was created with the idea to help moms embrace the excitement of motherhood by designing affordable products that not only doll up their precious bundle, but also give back to new mothers taking their first steps into their journey of motherhood.

Inspired from the verse in Matthew that encourages us to be salt and light, my prayer behind the company is to add a little "flavor" to the lives of new mommas worldwide. By creating precious and affordable baby bows among other cute products, I hope to spread light to the lives of new families.

As a new mother myself, I loved the idea of dolling up my precious little bean. Her first day of life, I was eager to put a bow on her head. There was something about it that made me incredibly giddy. Something inside of my heart stirred and I knew I wanted to share that feeling with other moms as well.

A few weeks after we brought Addie home, I woke up and felt a surge of adrenaline pumping through my veins as the idea of Salty Bow Company was birthed. I knew I wanted to create cute baby products that always seemed so expensive in boutiques and make them affordable for moms like me. However, I didn't want to just stop there. If there was any way I could take the profit and create "new mommy" baskets for women in the hospital so that they could share in the same joy that I did when I put on Addie's first bow, I had to do it.

It all came to me at once, and then in bursts, and then all together again. I felt incredibly compelled to pursue this dream, and so I did.

Perhaps you're a new mom just like I am who ADORES dressing up her little or sporting stylish baby products, or maybe you know someone who would love the gift of not only getting adorable products, but also giving back to new mommas. If so, Salty Bow Company was created with you in mind. Not only do you get affordable, adorable bows that are sure to overload your baby with compliments, but you also get to share that with other new moms. For each product sold, a portion of the profits will go to creating a basket of goodies(and a bow of course!) to a new mom in the hospital so that she can be filled with the joy of dressing up her precious new baby in a cute bow! So why wait? Click the Shop button above to find the perfect set of bows for your little one and be salt and light to a new momma!



All of our products are shipped upon request. If you do not receive your order within 2 weeks, email darra@saltybowcompany.com . Due to a high volume of international orders and shipping costs, we do not provide refunds.